The village at Christiana Bridge was a budding river port in 1732 when the Christiana Presbyterian Church was organized. In 1738, the first church building was erected on land purchased and donated by Colonel John Read, father of George Read, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.  Along with other early church leaders, including Samuel Patterson, Delaware’s first Treasurer, Col. Read and his wife, Mary, are buried in the church cemetery.
      The church was known in its early days as the Presbyterian Church at Christiana Bridge, and its first pastor, Charles Tennant, served until 1756.  The original church building, a 26 x 36 foot frame structure, stood until July 4, 1857, when it was sold at public auction.  The cornerstone of the present church building was laid September 8, 1857, on the site of the former structure.  The church bell, given in 1857 by William Heisler, is said to be partially cast from silver dollars donated for that purpose.
       Church membership remained small until 1949, when Dr. Francis Freeman Hall, a retired minister who had spent many years as a missionary in Korea, began serving as minister.  During Dr. Hall’s tenure membership increased, the Sunday School was reactivated, a Young People’s Fellowship was formed, and a new organ was donated.  After Dr. Hall’s death in 1955, the present Social Hall was completed and dedicated in his memory.
     Among the church’s cherished possessions from its past are a 17th century pewter communion set used in the early days of the congregation, a Bible presented to the church in 1792 by some of its founders, and an original surveyor’s drawing of the  church property.
      Throughout the years, Christiana Presbyterian Church has stood on this hill as a landmark for the Historic Village of Christiana.  While we are a congregation steeped in rich history we look forward to the challenge of tomorrow. 
      Our mission is to continue to grow in a steady, progressive manner, bringing God’s word to his people.  We seek to fulfill God’s message of empowerment for our congregation to go into the community to spread his word and touch the lives of others.  We will be an open, welcoming place for individuals and families to come and grow in their faith.
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